About the Editor in Chief
Ofodum Chukwunonso Charles (ICON) - Editor in Chief African Law Journal

I'm Comrade Ofodum Chukwunonso Charles Esquire. As the Head of Racial Justice and Decolonization and Human Rights Departments in Pan Global Africanism. The current Editor in Chief of African Law Journal, Managing Edition VhidaAgaz Law Journal, India, Managing Editor of International Journal of Law, Management and Humanity, India and Legal Advisor to NOUNA.

I'm a founder of Africa Must Change, African Law Students, World Law Students when I was a student go to Facebook you will see the groups and the pages, it started existing since 2013. I'm the propounder of a theory titled " Psycho Individuality Conflict/ Terrorism Theory " during my post graduate course in Conflict and I wrote a book titled " Is Democracy a failure in Nigeria?".

Ofodum Chukwunonso Charles has written over 30 articles published locally and internationally.